#TBT Closing – $30 Million Dollar Sale of Bloomingdale Woods Apartments

TBT Closing! In addition to posting all recent closings, I wanted to start highlighting past closings. Be on the lookout every Thursday for a look back at some successful closings from the past.

This week, I am highlighting the $30 million dollar closing we had in May of 2019. We represented ESG Kullen, a New York real estate company, in their sale of Bloomingdale Woods Apartments, which is located just east of Tampa, FL. When ESG first acquired the property back in 2015, it was a condominium, with ESG purchasing the bulk of the units and taking control of the condominium association. They subsequently acquired all the remaining condo units and turned the property into an apartment complex, leading to this $30 million dollar sale in May 2019.

To read more about the deal, click the following link to see the Daily Business Review article that covered the original closing: https://melandrussin.com/2019/05/07/miami-attorneys-guide-new-york-real-estate-investor-in-30m-apartment-sale/

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